WELCOME to the asylum ya MENTALIST!

We are BEYOND stoked to be back on the scene like an ivory tickling machine!! The love and support we have received since launch has been truly INCREDIBLE!


We love and thank you from the beat of our hearts with our hands in the air as we rewind that MASSIVE anthem that makes your body tingle from head to toe!

We pledge to push the envelope, raise the bar and bring you the very BEST of the harder side of dance music! So give us a like, give us a share and wave those hands in the air!!


We are soOoO excited about the music thats coming, the insanely talented artists that are producing it and the crazy talent thats about too, BUT most importantly we are super excited that you are here with us and along for the high energy, adrenalin pumping ride! 

Big love to the Hard Dance family and we can't wait to flex the speakers and reach for the lasers, SAFE AS F#CK!



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Hell yeah!!! Keep it real, keep it happy, keep it hardcore!

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